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Sports & Recreation

All work and no play can be counterproductive, which is why these printed sports & recreation products, such as promotional sunglasses, basketballs and jump ropes make a fantastic corporate gift or giveaway. In fact, fitness has become an incredibly popular target for many individuals who are now focusing on living a healthier lifestyle. This makes these promotional items a great option for handing out during outdoor events in order to encourage more fun and relaxation.

An Extensive Offering of Products

dkspecialties’ collection of branded sports & recreation products is quite extensive and diverse. We have a lot to choose from including, personalized jump ropes, promotional sunglasses, key chains, whistles, ball sets, boomerangs, flying discs and footballs. There are also personalized accessories, such as eyeglass straps, cellphone pouches and bag hooks. We can help you provide your customers with a vast selection of sports and recreation-themed products they are more likely to use in their daily lives. This is the best method to use when choosing your promotional products to ensure they will remember you often and turn to you when they need your assistance.

Sunglasses For A Fashionable Look

When you choose dk sunglasses as your promotional sunglasses, you will be giving your customers and prospects something to protect their eyes when the sun is bright. Many people often misplace their sunglasses, which means having a spare pair can be a welcome relief. With our customized sunglasses, you will be able to choose from a vast array of frame colors and then print your logo or business name right down the side. Every time individuals pick up these dk sunglasses to put them on, they will think of your business. The more often they think of you, the more likely they will turn to your company for solutions.

Get Fit - Personalized Jump Ropes, Cooling Towels, Hot & Cold Packs

It feels like everyone wants to get fit these days. Offering personalized jump ropes, cooling towels, hot and cold packs and more can help your customers and prospects get there. Not only can you help their fitness goals, but you can assist them in remembering your business for future use.

As the top online store for promotional products, South California-based dkspecialties is committed to offering best value merchandise at competitive prices. Browse our selection of promotional sunglasses, sports and recreation products and see for yourself why customers come back to us.
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