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Tonia Arey and dkspecialties goes beyond promotional items and that's helping companies reward individuals with employee recognition items such as an award. Not just any award- but awards that express your personal expression such as achievement awards, awards and recognition, awards and trophies, novelty awards and engraving awards.

Receiving an award is a great feeling and Tonia Arey is able to go beyond the traditional wall plaque and helps companies let their employee's know that they recognize their personalities by finding awards that are eccentric, classy, elegant and bold- after all it's your companies name representing a great person and why not represent greatness in two ways- an award like no other!

It seems as though that Spring is award time and during this time of year Tonia Arey from dkspecialties has come across A LOT of new and different kinds of awards that can make a powerful statement about the recipient and the company presenting the award.

Tonia Arey from dkspecialties loves creating new ideas for awards so whenever you are ready to discuss some great unique ideas Tonia Arey will be waiting for you!

Written By,
Tonia Arey.