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If you're looking for something unique, yet useful to giveaway at your next trade show or live event, consider a promo hand sanitizer. Nearly everyone uses hand sanitizer at one time or another, so this gift is highly beneficial to people from all walks of life. When people see your name on the product that they use regularly, you will become memorable to them and your brand and image will be in their mind every time they need products or services that relate to your company. Here are just a few benefits of using these instead of more traditional marketing items:

  • Economical: As far as promotional items go sanitizers are among the most economical. You won't have to break the bank or your marketing budget to get a supply of them.
  • Variety of styles and types: There are different styles you can choose, including wipes, gel and a spray pen. You can choose the one that fits with your marketing plan and gives you the most bang for your buck. The tubes with gel are among the most popular because of their size.
  • Make your label pop: Because these are larger than a traditional pen or notepad, you can make your label bigger, which will make it easier for your customers to see. This means even more brand exposure.
  • Useful: These are among the most useful marketing items you could hand out (no pun intended!) They can be kept in a handbag, on a desk, in a car and many other locations so they are easy to reach when needed. Most people today use sanitizers throughout the day.
  • Unique: When potential customers go to trade shows or other live events, they inevitably go home with a bagful of pens, notepads, magnets and other 'traditional' items. Hand sanitizers are different and people are sure to appreciate the thought that was put into this promotional item.
  • Fully customizable: You can put whatever information you need on the label and customize it to your specifications. Colors, text and logos can be easily identified.

With a promo hand sanitizer, you are not only increasing your business exposure – you are letting your potential customers know that you care about cleanliness and the environment. These are a necessity in today's world.