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If you have been searching for a great promotional item but are on the fence about what you should be buying, you may be surprised to find that branded hand sanitizer might be the best option. Even if your business has nothing to do with hygiene you may find that it is a gift that people will be very happy to have. There is a slew of information about hand sanitizers that point to the idea that they are very handy to have around. When you affix your brand to a bottle of hand sanitizer you are taking the steps to show consumers and other business owners that you care about their good health and that is always appreciated.

Of course any business like a medical practice, dental office or other businesses that offer health options should especially consider this option.

Here are some facts you should consider:

  • It comes in handy-no pun intended
  • It can keep your audience healthy
  • There are many people that use it regularly

No Soap, No Water? That’s Okay

Hand sanitizer is being used everywhere soap and water is not available because it is easy to use, portable and convenient and studies indicate it does a great job of keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. There are many times when access to a bathroom is not available. When a consumer pulls out your branded version they will think of your business and be grateful that they have this handy way to keep their hands clean.

Kills Bacteria and Viruses

The popularity of these products is on the upswing, especially with all of the new resilient bacteria and viruses floating around. You can help do your part and keep your audience healthy with this great little promo option. They will thank you for it!

How Many People Are There?

The estimates of how many people are using this solution is literally in the millions. Most classrooms require that children have it as part of their supply lists. Adults keep a supply in their purses, pockets, desk drawers and on the kitchen counter. If you want to reach a really wide audience with a really useful tool that they will appreciate this may be just the tool you need.

You can browse the options at dkspecialties and find a cost effective way to promote your business, help the community and be remembered fondly!