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What do people typically hold in their hands while sitting in front of a fireplace? What do people sometimes like to put ice cream in? What is at least one inexpensive souvenir item people like to buy while on vacation?

Answer: Mugs!

Mugs aren't just a diner mug as you once knew them as. Mugs today are trendy & fashionable- yes, I did say fashionable. You ever watch how a person holds a mug- Mugs represent and why not have Tonia Arey from dkspecialties help put your name on your personalized mug and represent! Just to name a few mugs there are coffee mugs, travel mugs, novelty mugs, tea mugs, thermal mugs and even 'Green' mugs - eco-friendly mugs.

Mugs are everywhere and can be used for more than just coffee and the life of a mug is a very long time- that's your name on mug that will be used over and over- that's your name seen over and over and Tonia Arey knows mugs!

As Tonia Arey from dkspecialties is typing this blog, right next to her monitor is a customized mug from a customer - this mug is not going anywhere so when people come into dkspecialties to chat with me they also see the customers mug so now the customer is getting recognition just from sitting at Tonia Arey's desk.

Tonia Arey also collects mugs and loves to design fun colorful logos for your company - event or anything else so when you're ready to talk mugs - Tonia Arey is ready when you are!

Written By,
Tonia Arey.