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As spring approaches and the clocks turn forward to allow for longer and brighter days you may be noticing some extra pounds that have collected over the winter and holiday months so guess what time it is?

It's dkspecialties time to pick up your pace with personalized pedometers by Tonia Arey at dkspecialties.

Pedometers - AKA Walking pedometers, digital pedometers, pocket pedometers and step pedometers are a great tool to hold one accountable to aid in walking off your unwanted weight.

In addition to the pounds that will begin to fade away you will also begin to notice some muscle tone develop. When you're strutting along and keeping an eye on your pedometer your name- your companies name - any name will always be seen and what a better way to show your moves by putting it all out there with the help of Tonia Arey from dkspecialties!

So now that you have that perfect pedometer, Tonia Arey from dkspecialties is able to answer questions about how to use it, what the different functions mean, how to set and reset the pedometer and anything else that you can think of.

When I first got involved with exercising and taking accountability for my efforts I chose to use a pedometer as it's an excellent, easy to use and economical tool.

Pedometers are easy to stow in your pocket when you are not using it and than when you decide to start taking action it's there for you.

I, Tonia Arey enjoy using pedometers especially when I'm caught up in the grind of every day life events!

Written By,
Tonia Arey.