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Promotional Notepads and Pens

When giving away promotional items it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Students, for example, benefit greatly from pens or paper, whereas those who frequently travel may appreciate tote bags or other reusable items. When it come to giving away items to athletes, however, nothing beats promotional carabiners. Promotional items on a carabiner are easy to get at, and easy to use, for those constantly on the go. Here are just a few suggestions for how to use promotional carabiners in your next marketing campaign.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Smaller sized water bottles attached to a carabiner are portable, functional, and easy to get at for those involved in all types of sports. They attach perfectly onto gym or hockey bags, meaning that the recipient will never lose his or her water bottle again. They also force the recipient to wear your logo in a highly visible location at all times, as many athletes prefer to carry them on the outside of their bags, rather than the inside. This ensures your brand reaches an entire team of potential customers, not just the one single recipient of the promo item.

Hand Sanitizer

Sweating is gross, there’s no way around that. Those who play beach sports, or sports involving gloves may find their hands get really dirty really fast. Sweat can often act as a magnet for dirt and germs, making hand sanitizer a must have for many athletes. Giving away promotional carabiners attached to small bottles of hand sanitizer are a great way to help your consumer or potential client stay healthy and clean, while still promoting your brand.

Identification Holders

Gym membership cards are sometimes the hardest ones to find in a packed wallet. Many athletes go to the gym on a regular basis, but use their other cards more often, making their gym card fall to the back of the pile. By giving away an ID holder attached to a promotional carabiner, you can ensure that your logo is seen by the staff and other gym members each and every time the athlete goes to work out.


One of the safest and most functional uses for promotional carabiners is to have them attached to a flashlight. This can help your consumer feel safe at night, and encourages brand visibility. After all, it would make little sense to keep the light in a dark bag. Instead, many athletes will clip these to the exterior of their bags for easy access.