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Award on Clear Base - 15 1/2".


Award on Clear Base - 14 1/2".


Award on Clear Base - 13 1/2".

Cyprus Award

Italian glass mosaic tile awar

Spinoza Award - Cobalt

Recycled glass plate award, 11


Citlaly sculpture

Pittoni Award

Award on Black Base.


Hand blown art glass award, 4

Iceberg Arrowhead - Jade

Iceberg Arrowhead Award- 3/8"


Hand blown 3" high art glass a

Cairo Blue Vase

Cairo Blue Vase. Use in the ho

Iceberg Flame - Jade

Iceberg Flame Award- 3/4" Ja

Wolf Head - Jade

Wolf Head - Jade Award.

Spirit Award

Starfire glass award with upra


Hand blown 4" egg shape art gl

Diamond Solitaire

Aluminum and starfire crystal

Nestor Award

Flame jade glass award.

Curved Arrowhead - Jade

Jade glass curved award.

Spinoza Award - Celery

Recycled glass plate award.

Midnight Song (Wolf)

Midnight Song, Wolf jade award

De Soto Plate

Recycled glass plate award, 14

Starfire Arrowhead Award

Starfire Arrowhead Award. 6-1/


Hand blown 5 3/4" high art gla

Cyan Swirl w/ Blue Base

Cyan Swirl w/ Blue Base

Oxford Artglass

Art glass - Round 20" Diameter

Iceberg Circle

Iceberg Circle Award- 3/4" thi


Hand blown 16 1/2" high art gl

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5293 Item(s)