Did you know that 79% of employees who left the job cited lack of appreciation as the reason?

Also, as per the Leadership Think Tank study, recognition is proven as one of the best methods of improving work motivation and employee engagement. Every minute spent on recognizing employees for their effort yields 100 minutes of a higher return on investment.

Do you want your employees strictly working for the paychecks and meeting deadlines or feel motivated to yield productivity? Assuming the response of the latter, we are here to shed light on the importance of recognition and appreciation gifts to the worthy employees.

Why Are Appreciation Gifts Essential For Your Business?

1. It is only human nature to want to feel appreciated and valued, but when someone put their all into achieving a target in an organization and then they are recognized for the efforts and the enhanced efficiency, that has a more significant impact on the employee's morale and retention. You, as an employer should have the cognizance that whenever an employee is appreciated for their hard work, their commitment to their job will become more intense and they will contribute towards business goals in a more proactive manner.

2. Expressing gratitude, acknowledging the' employee's good work are some of the critical non-tangible ways in which a business steers ahead. Overlooking an employee's efforts will lower their motivation level, and gradually, they will lose interest in their work. This will not only lead to them leaving the organization, but it will hit your organization's entire productivity.

3. Thoughtful appreciation gift goes a long way in creating and promoting a healthy and stimulating working environment with employees happily working to remain an integral part of such an organization that notices and appreciates their efforts. It not only enhances the company, appeal, and employees job morale but also plays a significant part in reducing turnover.

4. Appreciation and gratitude when expressed can help strengthen the bond between the employer and the employee, thereby resulting in a more effective and transparent form of communication, that will ultimately benefit the workforce efficiency and organization's productivity.

While the USA observes the first Friday of March as the employee appreciation day, we will go ahead a little further and suggest you make employee appreciation a more like a monthly thing, where the exceptional employees are thanked for their service.

Wondering what you can give us an appreciation gift to the deserving employees?

Well, DK specialties have got your covered. We make creative and fun customized articles of all kinds, catering to varying needs that not only can be used by businesses as a gift but also as a potent marketing tool. As an employee appreciation gift, you can select from our wide variety of high quality and affordable products such as:

1. Awards:

Awards have a unique appeal, with the organization's seal, person's name, their achievement etched on it. There is no gift more cherished than an award. Going by the theme and a personification of your organization's vision, you can choose from the currently trending plaque awards, which look every bit professional and radiate excellence. You can also opt for glass etching, acrylic, full colored, or prism awards. We can assure you that no matter what product you choose, they all come with the authenticity and quality of dkspecialties.

2. Personalized coffee mugs:

You know how they say, a good day starts with coffee? Well, make it better for your employees by giving them customized coffee mugs with their name on it along with funny coffee quotes. This will make them giggle along with motivated, every time they will see and use these mugs. At dkspecialties, you will find an extensive range of ceramic, glass, Nordic barrel, stainless steel, porcelain, color changing, commuter mugs, and more at reasonable rates.

3. Set of wine glasses:

If you happen to have a connoisseur of wine and vineyards in your workforce, gift them a name- engraved premium BPA free food grade PET wine tumbler set or stemless wine glass to continue with the exploration of wines along with delivering excellent performance.

4. Headphones:

Who does not love listening to songs? No-body! Music is what detaches the person from the chaos of the world, and everyone once in awhile wishes to disconnect. Know how tech savvy the employee is and gift them from our wide range of headphones. At dkspecialties, you will get earbud, over the ear, in the ear, wired, wireless, Bluetooth headphones, and more, which will instantly have the employee jump in joy.

5. Backpacks:

Is your employee of the month, secretly a travel junkie? Why not gift them a customized backpack that has their name on it. Dkspecialties backpacks come in all sizes and shapes that you can think of. Drawstrings? We have them. Backpack cooler? We have them. Equipment backpack? We have them too. With dkspecialties, you can rest assured that you will get variety and quality, both.

6. Water bottles:

Got a sports fan in your team? Gift them from the sports collection of a high-density polyethylene water bottle. Available in premium as well as an economy size, these bottles will serve as a great souvenir t the sports fan, who will also never forget to hydrate themselves to keep up the excellent work that they are doing.

Whenever you plan to start with your appreciation session, get customized gifts from stainless steel wine glasses to personalized stainless steel water bottles, or glass etched awards from dkspecialties.

As aforementioned thoughtful appreciation gifts leave a lasting impact, but for that to happen, you will have to do a little research on the employee's interest and hobbies. When you have your list of option, hop onto the specialties, and place an order for a suitable gift. From customized drinkware to backpacks, to writing instruments and awards, with us, you can get a wide range of products made from supreme quality materials be it stainless steel for ups and tumblers or bags made from polyester and vinyl combination.

You can trust dkspecialties personalized gift in making your employees feel valued and help your business in the long run with employee retention and brand awareness.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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