No matter the drink to pep you up, coffee or tea or anything in between, people always grab ‘n go!

The population is divided into tea-lovers and coffee-enthusiasts who can gulp down their drink of choice without even counting. So much so is the love for these two beverages that people prefer carrying them even on the go heading to the office, going for a client meeting/presentation or going back home. But are you able to enjoy the aroma, flavor, or have the traditional mugs made it all tasteless?

Unless your traveling distance is exceptionally short, the answer would be the latter; which is why you should get yourself a dkspecialties custom coffee/tea travel mug. With us, you get to choose from a wide range of beautifully designed and practical travel mugs. You can purchase insulated coffee mugs vacuum tumblers or tea infuser mugs at the most competitive market price. What's more you can get them custom-designed to suit your style, which means you get to carry your favorite drink in a personalized and unique traveling mug, unlike anything else which is in everybody's hand.

What makes traveling mugs everybody's favorite?

Well, apart from the obvious that you can drink your favorite beverage where and when you want. The following is why you will see an increasing number of people carrying travel mugs while commuting:


Have you lost the count of how many of your favorite dresses and jeans you have lost to coffee spillage? Now is the time to make a change once and for all with the travel mugs that have leak-proof seals like our twist leak-proof vacuum tumbler. These mugs are made from premium quality double-wall copper vacuum insulated stainless steel, which will keep your coffee hot for 12 hours, and the flavor of cold coffee will remain intact for 24 hours. Travel mugs come with locking lids that make sure that whether the mug is kept upside down in a bag, you can be rest assured that it will not spill and damage your belongings in the backpack.


As mentioned before, one of the biggest drawbacks of traveling with a traditional mug is that your coffee no longer tastes like it was freshly brewed, be it hot or cold coffee and you are either forced to drink it, or it ends up in the trash. You don't wish either, and you don't have to with the insulated travel mugs that have high heat holding capacity and are specifically designed to keep your favorite drink at the right temperature. Double-wall stainless steel tumblers/mugs are the highly preferred choice of traveling mugs because of their excellent heat retention property.


Anticipating a hectic day ahead? Don't have the time to brew your coffee throughout the day? Why not carry travel mugs which are large enough to store coffee up to 4-5 servings? With these highly insulated mugs, you only have to make coffee once, and you can enjoy the same taste, temperature throughout the day.


While the traditional cups that you purchase at coffee houses cannot be reused or have to be discarded after one use, traveling mugs with dissembling lids can be thoroughly and easily cleaned for using it daily.

While the demand has led to designing and selling of travel mugs in abundance, it is crucial that you make a well-informed purchasing decision, keeping the following points into consideration:


Since you want a mug that is easy to go about your routine, make sure that you purchase ones that are lightweight, durable, well insulated and are leak proof. You don't want your mug to be additional baggage with your office necessities.


You will find travel mugs made out of plastic, ceramic, stainless steel. One should always prefer stainless steel over plastics, despite the fact that the former is a bit pricey. Why? Because unlike plastic, stainless steel does not get stained or start smelling funny after a few uses and they can be used for a long time. Custom built stainless steel travel mugs are not only a good investment for on-the-go individuals, but they make excellent promotional products for business marketing. Aside from being significantly more durable than other material, stainless steel provides for a smooth, non-porous surface for imprinting that is going to get screened or etched in the memory of your target audience forever. Considering its sole purpose, traveling mugs are made to proffer longevity and durability, making it a worthy, cost-effective, and long-lasting investment.


Do you like to carry your mug while driving? Make sure that you are well-aware of the one available dimension that would fit the mug holder in your vehicle. While this is not always possible, a smarter choice would be to go for the mugs that have a broader base so that there is no fear of the drink toppling around. Talking about accidental falls, it is crucial that the mug you purchase has either a rubber or anti-skid base so that there is little to no impact of sudden fall. We understand how difficult it can be to find, which is why we bring to you viable anti-skid cup handles, available in multiple colors with dkspecialties at a reasonable price.


Travel mugs are available with a screw-on lid or an easy open and shut snap cap. While the latter is hassle-free and saves time, they make the mug and the drink inside vulnerable to damage and spill. A screw-on lid will keep the content of the mug in place, in case of a fall, but the said "easy" lid might snap open with the impact, leaking the entire drink.

Now that you know why and how to shop for travel mugs to keep yourself energized throughout the commute, what are you waiting for?

Take your morning cup of joe/tea on the road with dkspecialties customized travel mugs.