There is no better way to express appreciation for your staff and clients than to give personalized gifts! Whether you have a large family or coach the local soccer league, customized presents indicate that you have invested time to show your gratitude. Are you promoting your small business at a local street fair? 8 in 10 consumers own between 1 and 10 promotional products. Before receiving a promotional product, 55% of people had done business with the advertiser. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of people did business with the advertiser. Here are great ideas for promotional giveaways and personalized gifts that will help build your brand.


Wearables are the top product category. Custom apparel never disappoints! T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, polos and jackets are moving advertisements for your branding campaign. Encourage your customers, fans and friends to wear your clothes on their social media and watch yourself go viral! I’ve never seen anyone turn down a complimentary shirt - have you?


Writing instruments are second most popular personalizable giveaways. dkspecialties offers an endless variety of premium pens and pencils. Stylus, torch, glass and triple function pens - these are a few of the most popular giveaways to promote your brand. The female demographic is more likely to accumulate promotional pens, calendars and bags whereas men are more likely to gravitate towards shirts and caps.

Health and Fitness

77% of consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the priority. Health and fitness products, computer products and writing instruments ranked as the most useful. dkspecialties offers hundreds of health and fitness products from customizable jump ropes to hand sanitizer. Did you realize you can even customize Yoga mats? Your staff will be so impressed when surprising them with company branded fitness towels! And don’t forget fidget spinners for the kids! You will see your employee morale soar in 2020!


Most of us establish a favorite mug to enjoy our coffee each morning. A personalized mug is a brilliant method of encouraging people to remember you. dkspecialties can customize almost any style of coffee mugs; Irish cream mugs, two-tone mugs and an all-time-favorite - mugs overflowing with premium candy! All of which can be personalized with your slogan, logo or brand. Other personalizable drinkware to consider - Double wall tumblers to transport your hot and cold drinks in style, shatter resistant BPA free polypropylene freezer ice mugs, tumblers with straws and even a disco ball tumbler.


Custom backpacks are practical and can be utilized for years. Because everyone needs tote bags and travel bags, your brand logo can be seen traveling the world. Insulated coolers and drawstring sports bags can be used by anyone and dkspecialties will even customize fanny packs for the hipster in your life. Also, consider personalized business bags and luggage ID tags as giveaways for seminars where your clients have traveled to join you.


dK specialties offer thousands of gadgets that can be branded with your logo. A popular gadget is the mobile power bank which provides backup power for your mobile phone, tablet or other digital devices. Personalized travel chargers and laptop bags are a must have for your corporate liaisons. dkspecialties can even brand Bluetooth speakers, headphones and selfie sticks with your logo.


Do you have an employee recognition program in place? Employees respond to appreciation expressed through acknowledgment of their good work. When employees feel valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises. dkspecialties offers many acrylic trophy and plaque options. Visit their website to personalize hundreds of different trophies including the Atlas Award, the Crescent Award, the Zenith Award - you can even title your own award.


President and owner Valerie Atkin, formerly of radio news casting and theater leads the family-owned Agoura Hills, California based company maintaining a reputation for delivering world-class customer service. dkspecialties' commitment is to offer the best client care and personalized service. Offering countless products with rapid turn-around, they ship all over the United States. Once a hobby, now a nationwide company - dkspecialties’ service is personal and proactive – and you're likely have Valerie take your call on the first ring!


Whether it be gifts for friends and family, promotional giveaways or rewards for your staff and clients, dkspecialties have everything from apparel to electronics to personalize and build your brand.