There is no denial in the fact that marketing is one of the most expensive departments for any business. This is why businesses focus on reducing the overall expense of marketing without compromising its effectiveness. Although the age of digitization has opened many doors of economic marketing tools for businesses, still there is one old school marketing tool that is very economical and effective and it is known as promotional products.

Businesses usually consider promotional products as a slow marketing tool but because of its cost-effectiveness and long term impact, it is still very popular. Measuring the success of promotional products might be very difficult but it can boost outreach and recognition in the best possible way. A research conducted by a Sageworld found out that almost eight people out of ten users at least one type of promotional product. Of those people, 53% use the promotional product at least once a week. Through repeated contact with your promotional product, people become familiar with your brand, product, and business.

If promotional products are providing ROI, then they become valuable for any business. This is why you should design and implement a well-built promotional product strategy.

Always be clear about your objective

Always be clear about what you want from your marketing efforts before pouring money into your marketing budget. Otherwise, you will end up wasting money on promotional products that will be of no use. Many businesses spend a fortune on promotional products and still, they get no ROI from it. To avoid such type of situation, always be clear about what you want to accomplish through your promotional products.

What is your objective in using promotional products? Are you looking forward to generating quality leads through your promotional products? Are you going to work on brand recognition through your promotional products? Answering these simple questions will allow you to set a clear objective.

Using a personalized product for targeting a niche-market will work as a wonder for you if you are looking forward to targeting a highly refined audience. With different objectives, you will have to use different strategies for using promotional products. But the best approach will be to use economic promotional products that will be useful for your target market.

Choose the right category

Gone are those days when businesses were limited to t-shirts and caps when it came to promotional products. Now, many promotional products are being used by businesses. The Coca-cola company once used a ‘happiness’ vending machine that offers gifts and used to perform good deeds. It is still considered as one of the most effective and out of the box promotional products used by any company.

As a small business, it will be impossible for you to use such expensive promotional products but still, you can choose an out of the box product to stand out from the crowd. Using a personalized highlighter or a personalized power bank will allow you to stay unique. Using out of the box promotional product will surely include a lot of trials and errors for finding out which promotional product will work for you.

If you want to know about the trending promotional products, then you can look at some of the findings of Global Advertising Specialties and other big firms that conduct regular research. According to one of the research, it was found that almost 53% of the people in the U.S own personalized drinkware. Such types of findings can be used to choose the right category of promotional products that your customers can use.

Understand your audience

If you know your audience, then using promotional products for your marketing objective will become much easier for you. In addition to this, you will also be able to leave a better impression on your customers and they will become bound to refer your brand to others. Analyzing factors such as gender, age, interests, location, and preferences will help you to choose a promotional product that will stay in the hands of your customers instead of ending up in the cupboard.

Always go through the type of people you are going to target through your promotional product. Additionally, you should also collect data about the lifestyle of your customers. Are you targeting your promotional products to men or women? Pet owners or IT professionals? Couples or singles? Health buffs or adventure buffs?

All this information regarding your customer will surely help you in choosing the right promotional product but your personal experience with your customer will also matter a lot. Always monitor the performance of your product promotional product and analyze what works for you.

Always monitor the performance

All the effort, time and money that you are putting in your promotional product will go to vain if you do not monitor the performance of your strategy. To know whether your promotional product strategy is working or not, you will need to measure ROI. But to be fair, it is very difficult to know whether customers are using your product or not.

But still, you can use detailed surveys and feedback forms to get in-depth information about the performance of your marketing efforts. You can include some basic questions in the survey, like how many times they use your promotional products? What is the level of familiarity with your promotional products? Who has referred your brand because of your promotional product? How easy is it to recognize your brand because of promotional products?

You can also go a step further and directly contact your loyal customers to know which type of promotional products works for them.

Finding out the right audience and the right promotional product might be challenging but with thorough research and analysis, you can decide what will work for you. An economical and useful promotional product like personalized highlighter can do wonders for your marketing efforts.