Coffee lovers are always ready to have a hot cup of their coffee, but that becomes very difficult when you are on the go. You can’t always get your favorite coffee everywhere and carrying your home-made coffee everywhere is also not a practical option. But all these things were a topic of hot debate before the introduction of the amazing insulated coffee mugs.

Those days are long gone when keeping your coffee hot for an extended period was not an option for coffee lovers as insulated coffee mugs can save your favorite cup of coffee hot for an extended time. So make an extra cup of coffee and take it with you wherever you are going because having a sip of hot coffee while on the go is no longer a problem. There is a wide range of insulated mugs on the online platform, and you can easily choose the best one among them and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Most of the people are not aware of the working of such mugs. You should know that the coffee is kept warm inside the mug by using a vacuum packing or foam. What you see as s coffee mug is a mug inside a mug with either foam or vacuum inside the wall of the outer mug and the outside wall of the inner mug. You should know that the fantastic concept of insulation has been working successfully from the 1990s and that’s why everyone loves it.

The history of insulated mugs and bottles

One of the earliest forms of mugs and bottles dates back to 1500 B.C, and it was used by the Egyptians. In those days, the bottles and mugs were made by pouring melted glass around a die made from sand and mud. Once the glass cooled, the core was dug out. In the earlier days, the process of making glass and mugs were very time consuming and complicated, and that’s why it was considered as an item of luxury. By the end of 2000 B.C, glass bottles and mugs were started being made in China and Persia as well, and at the same time, people of Egypt began to use the method of blowing the molten glass into a mold which was less complicated and less time-consuming as well.

You should know that the process of making bottles and mugs became automated in late 1865 when the pressing and blowing machines were introduced in the market. But the first fully automatic bottles and glass making machine didn’t come in the market until 1903.

An English scientist Sir James Dewar made the first insulated bottle in 1896 and in 1892, the same scientist invented a particular type of flasks which are still used today and are known by his name. The first insulated bottle was made by using sealing one bottle inside another and then pumping out the air between them. This method created a vacuum which resulted in an efficient insulator. But Dewar never patented his amazing invention and later, a German glassblower and his partner marketed the invention of Dewar. They also held a contest to name the fantastic design, and one of the participants suggested the name thermos from the Greek word therm, which means hot.

Later, with the growing popularity of thermos, the same concept of insulation started being used in different things, and one of them was coffee mugs since people loved the idea of keeping their hot coffee while on the go.

Why buy insulated coffee mugs online?

Instead of buying insulated mugs from your local market, you should always prefer the online platform for such shopping. There are various advantages of purchasing insulated mugs online, and we are going to discuss some of them in this blog post.

Wide range of options

When shopping in the local market, you will always have limited options doesn’t matter how big or good the shop in your local market is but that is not the case with the online shopping platform as most of the online websites selling insulated coffee mugs have an extensive range of options. With more options, the chances of finding the best-insulated mug will also increase. Online insulated coffee mug sellers like Dkspecialties are well known among consumers for their long list of products, good quality, and quick delivery.


Instead of paying the same price printed as MRP on the insulated mugs, switch to the online platform, and get substantial discounts and offers without waiting for Christmas to arrive. But such offers and discounts are not available in the local market, and that’s why if you want to make your insulated mugs shopping pocket-friendly, switch to the online platform.

Home Delivery

Another great advantage of shopping from the online platform is home delivery. You will not have to go through the hassle of carrying your insulated mugs from local market to your home if you are buying them in bulk. Most of the online insulated mug sellers offer safe and free(if you will order in bulk) home delivery, and that’s what people love about the online platform. What’s better than getting your favorite insulated coffee mug delivered to your doorstep safely and without moving an inch from the comfort of your couch.  


It doesn’t matter how close your local market is; you will always have to take time in order to go for shopping and taking time out from your busy life is very difficult. In such situations, the fantastic online platform acts as a savior for you because it allows you to browse through a wide range of insulated mugs, make the payment and get it delivered just within a few clicks.

Insulated coffee mugs are a great choice, especially for coffee lovers, and if you want to have your favorite cup of coffee while on the go, then you should buy insulated mug without any second thoughts.