Opening a new gym or fitness center can be a fun, new venture that is not only a lucrative business but is also a passion. If you have a passion for fitness and dream of owning your own gym someday, it is important to remember some key elements that will help your business thrive. In order to run a successful business, you must budget your expenses appropriately, listen to the client's wants and needs and, most importantly, you must market and promote your business as much as you can. 

Marketing, although often overlooked is extremely important in getting your business started and maintaining your client/customer base. Listed below are the top five promotional products that will help boost the success of your business quickly and effectively. 

1. Promotional T-shirts

Everyone loves to get a free T-shirt, it is something you can always use, and nothing is more comfortable than a loose-fitting tee. As a new business owner, you want to create and disperse promotional products. These can be popular items that people actually want to obtain and are excited about using your product because if nobody wears or utilizes the product you give out, it pretty much defeats the purpose of it in the first place. 

T-shirts are also a great giveaway to promote your company or product because they can display what you are trying to sell. As a fitness center, you want the name of your fitness center largely displayed on the front and back and in dark colors that will stand out to the naked eye. You can easily hand out the T-shirts at numerous events, during your grand opening and even in parades or small business celebrations. Aside from being a great easy marketing tool, T-shirts are also a lot of fun for you to design and make it your own! 

2. Coffee Mugs and Drinkware

Another great promotional product that will drive your business's success is by giving out coffee mugs and other drinkware sporting your name and logo. Almost everybody drinks coffee, tea, or some sort of hot drink in the mornings and can use a new coffee mug. This is a great idea because it's something people don't like to have to purchase for themselves but would use daily, so if you’re giving it away for free, they are sure to take advantage of that. 

When designing your coffee travel mug and other types of drinkware, remember to use your name and logo repeatedly and stick with darker colors that will be easy to read. You also want to be sure you are choosing a good, sturdy mug that won't make you and your business seem cheap. 

3.Promotional Hand Sanitizer 

Creating a fun, stylish look on hand sanitizer promotional products that you can use to help drive your business's marketing efforts. People are becoming increasingly more aware of the germs around them and carrying around a hand sanitizer is becoming quite common. Since hand sanitizer is not something people think to buy or care what it looks like in most cases, they will jump on the thought of getting it free. 

It is also good for marketing your brand as every time they pull out that hand sanitizer before or after dinner, or when leaving a public bathroom, everyone around them will be able to see your logo and remember the name of your brand. This is also a fun product, especially for a fitness center, because people always think of sanitizing and cleaning equipment and can, therefore, make the connection from your product to your business. 

4. Bags and Backpacks

Putting your name and logo on a tote bag or backpack is also a great way to promote your business, as everybody needs and uses bags. Tote bags are great because you can use them to help you bring other promotional products with you while also promoting your business on the actual bag. They are also typically a big hit with the clients and customers. 

If you are at a large marketing event with other vendors, they can use your bag to carry other things around the event and unknowingly promote your product all day long. If you want something a little bit nicer and more of a permanent use, you can opt for the backpack. Although more expensive, backpacks are sturdier and will typically be used the more long term so that your promotion will live on for more than just one use.

5. Promotional Stationery

Finally, if you are looking for a good, easy way to promote your business, you cannot go wrong with stationary equipment. Stationery products such as Pens, pencils, and notebooks are easy, portable things that people use every day and will surely make their way into other potential clients' hands. Pens are also easy to transcribe your fitness center's name on and are small and easy to take with you. 

Notebooks are fun too because not many business's think of using notebooks as a promotional item, but like pens, they are easy to carry with you and people can always use them. When designing your stationery to give away at a promotional event, stick to colors that define your fitness center and try to keep it short and simple without looking too wordy and hard to read. If you start putting too much information on them, people will not even bother to read what is on the product and your marketing efforts will be in vain. 

Without marketing efforts, all of the hard work you put into opening your fitness center will go unnoticed and success will be difficult. So gear up and get your business's name out there today by ordering some of these promotional products that will give your business a good look while also help you gain more clients.