Promotional products are a very effective marketing tool for targeting both loyal and potential customers. There are no other marketing tools that can keep promoting your brand for months without any extra investment. Promotional products might be a very old marketing tool but they are still relevant in the current era. From giant firms like Coca-Cola to small businesses, everyone is now using promotional products to cut down the cost of marketing without compromising the reach.

Both customers and clients love to receive promotional products but only if it adds value to their lifestyle or workflow. Knowing how to use your promotional product is necessary for harnessing the advantages of this economical yet effective marketing tool.

Make sure you convey the right message

If you want to use promotional products efficiently, then you need to make sure that you are conveying the right message to your audience. Without a direct, clear-cut, and simple message, you will never be able to use your promotional products effectively.

Do you only want to print the logo? How do you want to print the tagline on the personalized product? Are you considering including the business address on the product? Which type of call to action are you going to include?

After sorting out everything, you need to make sure that your message is short and simple. Instead of working on the message on your own, you can hire a good content writer to get an appealing, engaging and catchy message on your personalized product. This is how you make a promotional product speak for itself while engaging your potential and loyal customers.

Use relevant products

Efficiently using promotional products is not very hard if you choose something relevant to your business. If the promotional product you choose is not relevant to your brand, then the likelihood  of your product being recalled by your audience will decrease.  For example, if you have a business that is related to the IT industry, giving personalized power banks will be a great idea. While, if your organization is related to recycling, you can distribute environmentally friendly pens to your audience.

One of the most important objectives using promotional products is to increase brand recognition, and that can only be done if your promotional product will match with your business and industry. Nobody will recall your logistics business through a personalized hand sanitizer, but if you are a food company, then it will work for you.

Prefer quality over quantity

Most people think quantity over quality while distributing promotional products as they want to reach a larger target audience. If the quality of your promotional product is not good, then it will be of no use for your business. People appreciate good quality products and this preference is not confined to the products customers buy, but it is also applicable to promotional products as well. This does not mean that you need to spend a fortune on promotional products. Pay attention to the quality of the product you use so that it does not wear out easily.

Design a distribution plan

To use promotional products efficiently, you will need to design a clear-cut distribution plan that will facilitate the reach of your merchandise. Choosing the right distribution plan for your promotional product is necessary; otherwise, even after filtering out potential and loyal customers, you won’t be able to reach them. You can use email marketing to inform your audience about the distribution of promotional products before an event. By adopting such an approach, you will able to generate more quality leads and enhance the effectiveness of your promotional product.

Try to deliver the products with a theme

Most promotional products have a company logo or brand name but if you want to make your promotional products memorable, then you will need to use a theme. Sit with your marketing team and design a unique theme for your campaign. You will need to include the brand message in the theme; otherwise it will be a far cry from what you are trying to convey to your audience. A clear cut theme based message should always solidify the marketing position of a brand. With a catchy and engaging theme, your audience will succumb to your marketing strategy and the lead conversion will also increase.

For example, at a GoGreen event, you can design a theme of ‘Save the Planet’ and distribute environmentally friendly pens. Such a theme based promotional product and message will stay in the mind of the audience for a longer period.

As you can see, the success of your promotional product doesn’t depend on one single thing. There are many things that you need to include to use your promotional products effectively. From choosing the distribution channel to designing a theme, everything needs to be done precisely while using promotional products.