Promotional products are not a new concept in the industry as businesses have been giving promotional products to employees, clients, partners, and suppliers from a very long time. Promotional products are a good way to show gratitude towards the effort put in by a person or an entity. But the only thing which has changed in this age-old tradition of giving promotional products are the items that are given by companies in the form of promotional products. Companies are no longer limited to caps and wrist bands when it comes to promotional products.

Nowadays, personalized promotional products have become more popular because of the ease of customization. One of the best things about promotional products is that it allows the business to promote its brands without even spending a single dime. Personalized promotional products contain either the name of the company or its logo or a mix of both.

Wherever the personalized giveaway goes, you get free promotion through it. But as discussed in the outset of this blog post; personalized promotional products are no longer limited to only a handful of options. Even technological items like pen drive are also being considered as promotional products. So, in this blog post, we are going to look at some of the best choices for personalized promotional products so that you can pick the best one for you.

Coffee Mugs

The love for coffee is a universal thing and there are only a few people who can keep themselves away from an aromatic cup of coffee latte. This is why coffee mugs are one of the best promotional products. One of the best things about coffee mugs is that you get a big space on the coffee mug to put your brand name and logo. You should always choose a promotional product that can be used by others and coffee mugs fit perfectly in this important criterion of an ideal promotional product.


Backpacks are another great promotional product as they are used by most of the people and some even carry it to the office. Backpacks maximize your brand promotion as they are always carried on the back and your brand and logo will be noticed by everyone. From computer and tablet backpack to solo backpack, you have many options to choose from. You should know that almost all salespeople who work in the field get a personalized backpack from the company because it acts as one of the best promotional tools.

Power Banks

Nobody likes to run out of battery while watching videos on their mobile while on the go and you can’t find a charging port everywhere. This is why power banks have become another popular promotional product. You can customize power banks and order it in bulk from online stores without any hassle. You can also have a light up logo power bank in which your logo will light up whenever it will be connected to a phone or charging port.

Headphones And Earbuds

Music is universal and everyone loves listening to their favorite track on comfortable and quality headphones. Now, many businesses have started using headphones as promotional products. You can either give an over the head headphones or choose from the different options of wireless auto pair earbuds.

Eco Friendly Pens

Everybody is now aware of the increasing environment issue and that’s why eco friendly pens make the best promotional product. Instead of giving an ordinary pen you can level up your promotional product option and give an eco-friendly pen with your logo on the top of it. In addition to contributing towards a green environment, you will also give a very useful promotional product which will be perfect for everybody.


T-shirts are the most iconic promotional product and many experts say that the idea of promotional products came from printed t-shirts only. T-shirts are one of the most economical yet very effective promotional products. It gives you a big plan surface for promoting your brand which is not available in any other type of promotional product. Nobody can ignore the quote written on a t-shirt and therefore, even your logo or brand name will never go unnoticed. You get a wide range of colors and design in T-shirts and that is the best part of choosing T-shirts as promotional products.

Jump Ropes

Everyone loves to stay healthy and fit and that’s why jump ropes make the best promotional products. You can give jump ropes in customized jump rope bags and print the name of your brand or log on the bags. You can either buy a wooden handle jump rope or stick with the simplify jump rope which comes with a plastic handle. By giving jump ropes to your employees you can motivate them to stay healthy and fit.

Activity Tracker

Nowadays, most of the people who are concerned about their health are buying activity tracker to monitor different metrics of their daily exercise. But you should know that activity trackers are one of the best choices for a promotional product. There is no denial in the fact that activity trackers are a bit expensive but it will surely be a unique and useful promotional product that will not end up in the cupboard.


If you are planning to give an elegant promotional product to your employees or suppliers then glassware will be the best choice. Shaker set, string light LED cup, Belfast DOF, whiskey glasses and scotch glasses are some of the best choices of glassware.

From colorful logos of your brand to simply a short slogan, you can print anything on the promotional product and get free of cost promotion for your company. This is why promotional products still haven’t lost their value in the market. All the items listed in this blog post can be customized and purchased in bulk from dkspecialties at an affordable price.