In the current era, you can find promotional products everywhere as it has now become a strong and cost-effective marketing tool for many businesses. From t-shirts to caps, there are many promotional product options available in the market.

The influx of e-commerce has played a major role in making promotional products a marketing option for SMEs as well. Earlier, ordering promotional products meant pouring out a huge amount of money as it was a very costly affair. But now there are many online promotional product sellers like dkspecialties who can make promotional products an economical marketing tool for you.

You might be thinking that promotional products is a new kid on the block but that’s not true. If you will unearth the roots of promotional products then you will find it to be as old as George Washington election campaign of 1789. Yes, promotional products are that old. If you are keen to learn about the benefits and evolution of promotional products then you have come to the right place. This blog post will address everything that you need to know about promotional products.

History of promotional products

As discussed in the outset of the article, the first promotional product was made during the election campaign of George Washington in 1789. It was the commemorative buttons of George Washington that introduced the new concept of promotional products to the world. These buttons which were used to celebrate George Washington becoming the first president of the newly formed U.S are considered as the first ever use of proper promotional merchandise. Due to the success of the campaign, people realized the power of promotional products.

But it took the world almost 10 years to realize that making promotional products can be a business as well. In the late 1880s, an owner of a newspaper agency didn’t want to compromise with the growth of his business during the slow times. For maintaining his business, he approached a shoe store owner and suggested him to use his printing machine for printing messages on a free shoe bag for advertising the shoe store. It was during this period when calendars also became the first commercialized promotional products.

Later in 1904, representatives of 12 different promotional companies came to an agreement to form a unified industry trade association to deal with pricing, innovations, and procedures. The unified organization was named Advertising Manufacturers Association and now you know it by the name of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

Another major player in the field of promotional products came during the late 1950s in the form of Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). This institute was formed by a graduate student who was managing his school fees by selling promotional products. The ASI slowly became the central source of finding promotional products.

Currently, both ASI and PPAI publish separate magazines to answer different questions related to the world of promotional products.

Benefits of using promotional products

Cost effective marketing

Large scale overwhelming marketing campaigns are not a practical solution for small and medium sized businesses. Most of the small and medium sized businesses are always on a budget constraint and that’s why there marketing is very limited. But by using promotional products, even SMEs can fulfill their marketing goals without burning a hole in their pocket. There are many low cost promotional items like antibacterial hand sprays available in the market. You should know that most of the promotional product manufacturers keep the prices very low for mass manufacturing.

Improved brand recognition

Brand recognition is the ability of the consumer to recognize the product and services of your company whenever they see your brand name or logo. For example, brand recognition of Apple is very high because most people can recognize the different products of Apple like iPhone, Mac, and Ipad just by seeing Apple’s logo.

Promotional products aid your customer in remembering and recognizing the brand. This is why businesses using promotional products have higher brand recognition. According to a study, almost 89% of people were able to recognize the advertiser of a promotional product that they have been using for more than two years.

Better customer loyalty and retention rate

By bringing a unique personality to your brand, promotional products help a company to improve customer loyalty. Due to the constant exposure to the promotional product, it becomes very easy for the customer to remember the brand associated with the promotional product. As a result, customers are more interested in doing business even with the availability of a wide array of options. According to a study, 85% of people do business with a company after getting a promotional product. Improve sense of reciprocality is another important advantage of using promotional products.

Lead generation

Businesses adopt different types of strategy to generate quality leads in order to improve their ROI. But most of the cost-effective strategies to generate quality leads fail in the long run.

Promotional products act as one of the best lead generation tools and it can help you to convert potential customers into loyal customers. In most of the cases, the size of the promotional product won’t matter as long as it adds value to the customer. But you should never ignore to include a proper call to action. You can simply ask your potential customer to visit your official website and gather information about different services and products.

Competitive edge

Another major advantage of using promotional products is that you get a competitive edge in the market. Even with so many benefits and so much popularity of promotional products, many businesses are still not using it. Well, you can use this as an advantage for your business and harness the benefits of early bird by using promotional products. While your competitor will still be using business cards, you will be giving out antibacterial hand sprays to potential customers.

From buttons to USB drives, promotional products have come a long way. Now promotional products have become an integral part of marketing strategy and because of its affordability, now it is being used widely by even small and medium sized businesses as well.